PRP Hair Treatment

Hair PRP is one of the most effective methods that benefit hair loss in particular. Plataled in our blood, also known as platelet cells, has a wound-healing, repairing and regenerating effect on the body. Since PRP is a procedure performed by drawing one’s own blood, no occurences of allergic reactions are possible.

Who is hair treatment with PRP applied to?

It can be applied to anyone with hair loss and thinning irrespective of gender.

In what intervals, how many sessions and how much time is PRP Hair Treatment applied?

The procedure of hair treatment with PRP lasts 20 min on average. Performing an application once a month contributes to an efficient result. This procedure should be applied between 8-10 sessions on average.

How is PRP hair treatment performed?

After drawing 10 cc of blood, natural plasma fluid containing platelet is obtained by means of special centrifugation and micro filtration method. After preparing this liquid, it is injected into the scalp with the help of mm needles.

Is hair treatment with PRP painful?

During PRP application, no pain is felt due to the fact that the application is performed with quite fine-ended needles.

For how long is PRP hair treatment effective?

Hair PRP is effective for 6-8 months. Since genetic hair loss is prone to repetition, it may be necessary to repeat the PRP every 4-6 months by opening the period intervals of the procedure applied once a month.

What are the side effects of PRP hair treatment?

In general, no side effects are expected after hair treatment with PRP. Since the patient’s own blood is used in the application, there is no allergic side effect.

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