The process of injecting nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, some antioxidants and proteins that are needed by hair cells to the middle layer of the skin where hair follicles are placed with the help of fine-tipped and disposable sterile mesotherapy needles is called hair mesotherapy. With this method, the nutrients are transferred directly to the hair follicles. This easy-to-apply method ensures good nutrition of hair cells and thus preventing hair loss.With this application, all the nutrients needed by the hair cells are easily applied to the scalp. It is considered to be a painless method without requiring a surgical procedure.

Hair mesotherapy is usually performed in 10 sessions, each session lasting 15-30 minutes. However, the number of sessions to be applied is decided upon analyzing the hair texture of the patient.

As a result of the analyzes, the number and intervals of treatment sessions are decided by taking into account the patient age, hair health, the rate of the hair faling out as well as the texture of the hair strand.

In addition, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, people with immunological disease, cancer patients, diabetics, people going through anticoagulant treatment are not suitable patients for hair mesotherapy application.

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